Your family photo session

There are certain questions that I get asked quite frequently so I decided it would be best if I created a simple guide to help you know what you are getting from your photo session. This guide is created for family photo shoots if you are looking for details of Newborn or baby photo session have a look at this guide.
These guides will be constantly updated with suitable content.

How long does a session last.
Most sessions last between 1 and 2 hours, I try not to think about time to much as it forces a structure to a session that I don’t want, I want the session to be fluid and fun.

Do you have a studio
We have a small but very affective home studio. This has been setup to offer the maximum number of options for backdrops and lighting.  We have a number of lighting options that allow us to create lovely dramatic portraits or bright and fun portraits.

Do you do group photos.
Whilst our studio is well setup and equipped we do struggle with larger families, we have done a family of 10 in the studio and whilst it was a fun session it was a little cramped. For large family shoots I would usually suggest we head outside if the weather is suitable and make the most of all the space around us. Most of us live near a small field or park so it isn’t difficult to find somewhere.

What to wear.
Its best to avoid wearing patterns that will overpower the picture, so avoid busy patterns or shirts with large logos.  I would recommend choosing a colour palette for you shoot, perhaps picking 3 colours that work well together and each wear something of those colours. We want to avoid you looking like clones if we can so wear things that work together.

Can you retouch
Yes I can and I will always do a small amount of retouching with your final selection. I never remove scars or birthmarks for example unless I’m asked to. If you would like additional retouching for all or an individual image that can be arranged for a small fee.

Do I have to come back to view the photo’s.
Ideally yes, we will explain why after I say that you don’t have to. We can upload photo’s to private gallery for you to view in your own home but we do have to reduce the size of those and add a watermark. So if you would like to see the lovely photos in their full glory then a quick visit back to us to make your selection is the best way to go. We can display them full size on a large screen so that you can see exactly what you want to order. We do not pressure sell, I will say that again, we do not pressure sell, we don’t like that and wouldn’t want it done to us so won’t do it to you.

Do you keep the original images.
I do archive photos from a session for  up to a year unless asked to delete them. I don’t have room to store every photo that I’ve ever taken so if you would like additional images after you photo session please get in touch with me as soon as you can.